The sound of moving water can make an area come alive!

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  • Consultation:  New England Water Gardens will meet with you at your property to discuss water feature ideas, scout out the perfect location, and go over all your options to ensure we understand exactly what you have in mind. We are also happy to make suggestions, if requested, about what would work best for the features of your property.

  • Waterscape Design & Creation:  This includes all necessary excavation, installation of pond liners and plumbing, rock placement, and lighting.  New England Water Gardens provides all the labor and materials necessary to complete an ecologically functioning waterscape.  We will ensure your pond runs efficiently, is easy to maintain, and looks amazing.  All you need to do is contact us to discuss your vision and we’ll take care of the rest! 

  • Spring Clean Outs: The spring clean out is done as soon as the weather breaks so you can start enjoying your water feature! It includes: draining the pond, removing all debris, pressure washing the stones, excess algae removal, cleaning the filter(s) and skimmer(s), reinstalling the pump, and fixing any loose stones that may have moved during the winter.

  • ‚ÄčNetting: A mesh-type netting is positioned over the entire pond and stream area before closing down the pond to prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating; this is usually done in October. Netting is also beneficial if your fish need protection from heron or other birds looking for their next meal!

  • Repairs: Investigating and troubleshooting potential leaks, pump maintenance and replacement, additional equipment maintenance and replacement (skimmers, filters, etc.), as well as routine care.

  • Close Downs: We start shutting down water features after Thanksgiving and finish around the end of December to ensure you can enjoy your pond as long as possible.  Close down consists of removing all filters, pumps, and lava rocks and storing them for winter, adding netting if requested, removal of excess debris, and clearing the pipes of water to prevent freezing. If you have fish, a de-icer/heater will need to be installed.

  • Enlargements: Adding a pond to a pond-less water feature or a stream to pond.

  • Enhancements: Lighting, rocks, protective fish caves, etc.

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