The sound of moving water can make an area come alive!

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Each design created by New England Water Gardens is custom built for your individual needs.


New England Water Gardens
  • The average water garden is about 11 feet wide x 16 feet long or about 2,000 gallons and 24” deep, but really, can be any size you like.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Can support a wide variety of plants with water lilies being a favorite!



New England Water Gardens
  • The average depth of a fish pond is 30” to provide room for winter hibernation and provide space for fish to retreat to when predators (birds, raccoons) are nearby.

  • Koi and goldfish are interactive, add color to your pond, and provide entertainment for the entire family!


New England Water Gardens
  • A waterfall or stream may be better suited for your property than a pond due to safety concerns or space limitations.

  • Virtually maintenance free.

  • A perfect water feature for your entrance way or front yard, remember, the sound of moving water can make an area come alive!


New England Water Gardens
  • No major excavation needed.  The basin can be buried in the ground or kept elevated using a landscape block if you'd like the fountain installed on your patio or deck.

  • Low cost, relatively easy to install. There is a wide variety of fountains to choose from; natural stone, iron, or pottery.

  • Limited maintenance; great focal point for any yard or landscape design!

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